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Thrive In This Challenging New World

The world, as we all knew it, ended in March 2020. It is never going to be the same. The world has changed forever! The future is online and digital!

Do you have the digital skillsets required to thrive in 2020 and beyond?

The purpose of GEM Academy is to help people rapidly develop digital knowledge, skillsets and experience. Practical training combined with real-world experience creates a unique path to the ultimate in digital competency.

Designed for all people, from all walks of life - young and old and everything in between!

one We provide you with practical training in a range of digital skills.
two You gain experience by helping real businesses get online and transform themselves digitally.
three We provide a validated record of your competency, experience, awards and achievements.

Why choose GEM Academy?

No Fees

No fees or additional software costs. You just need a modern computer, an internet browser and an internet connection.

Online Based & Self-Paced

Complete work online, anytime and anywhere. You decide how fast or slow you want to go. Every week can be different depending on the time you have available.

Real Projects for Real Businesses

Complete real projects for real businesses and help businesses to rapidly transform themselves digitally and trade successfully in a post COVID-19 world.

Develop Competency & Build Experience

A unique combination of practical digital training as well as the opportunity to rapidly develop real-world experience.

Improve Yourself & Change the World

Be a revolutionary and a part of NZ's digital revolution.

Who Can Apply?

Who Can Apply?

  • School leavers interested in digital as a career
  • Job seekers looking for a career change or to upskill
  • Business owners and their teams wanting to upskill
  • Tertiary students wanting to gain real-world experience
  • People working in related industries wanting to widen their skills
  • Retirees or semi-retired people wanting to modernise their skills & knowledge and contribute to the SME business community.

Develop Skills for 2020 & Beyond

COVID-19 has dramatically impacted the New Zealand economy, demanding a digital revolution to get through the crisis. Kiwi's need to develop digital skills that are critical to successfully operating in a post-COVID-19 world.

There is a significant shortage of ecommerce and digital knowledge and support for small to medium sized businesses in NZ. The GEM Academy seeks to assist Kiwi's to rapidly develop a wider range of digital skillsets whilst at the same time helping our NZ SME's to get successfully trading online.

Time is short! Speed of change is everything.

Develop Skills for 2020 & Beyond

Work on Real Projects for Real Businesses

Work on Real Projects for Real Businesses

Valuable real-world experience

Learn and experience what the job in the real world would be like:

  • Self manage, meet deadlines, make it happen!
  • Learn about real customer expectations
  • Get hands on industry experience
  • Work in remote teams

Acquire tangible, practical, real-life skills.

Practice makes perfect

Work on multiple websites across different industries:

  • Learn about various business industries as you go.
  • Go beyond the theory into practical reality.

Sense of achievement

Challenging yourself with interesting projects and tasks:

  • See the results of your work. Someone will actually buy from the website you helped create!
  • Your hard work contributes to helping a business transform themselves digitally.

You can be proud that you've helped a business both survive and thrive!

No minimum time commitment

No minimum time commitment

  • Work around your current commitments
  • Self-paced - Go as fast or as slow as you want
  • Spend anywhere from 30mins to 20+ hours per week

It's completely up to you!

Learn & work online from your own home

Learn & work online from your own home

As an intern you get a login to the GEM Academy website

  • Choose your area of interest
  • Watch training videos and to learn the ropes
  • Complete assessments to unlock real jobs
  • Complete real jobs to bed in your practical learning
  • Execute missions to achieve high levels of competency
  • Unlock more challenging jobs as you level-up

Work online with a team with help and support available for if you get stuck.

Industry recognition

Succesful interns achieving the key compentencies of each level, will be awarded a Zeald certificate and an acknowledgement of their achievements.

You will be able to demonstrate to potential employers that you have real world experience, knowledge, skills and excellent work ethic!

As a leader in the digital industry, Zeald is NZ's most experienced SME website design & digital transformation agency.

Industry recognition

Be a digital revolutionary

Zeald is committed to helping small, medium sized businesses trade through and beyond the tragic economic effects of COVID-19 and transform their businesses digitally to both survive and thrive in this new world.

Zeald is offering a limited number of free websites, for specific industries, with no setup fees and no monthly hosting fees for a 12 month period to small, medium businesses.

The GEM Academy is an initiative to share our knowledge and help increase the digital skills of the NZ workforce while at the same time help get NZ businesses online.

We are in this together. Time is short. Speed of change is everything!

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Be a digital revolutionary

"GEM is definitely a win-win-win initiative. It not only provides meaningful support to local businesses but also creates wonderful internship opportunities for digital marketing students like me to learn and apply digital skills. Being part of the meaningful initiative motivates me to go the extra mile to complete tasks with high quality"

An Nguyen Thi Nhu


What support do I get?

You have access to training videos and other information to help you complete jobs successfully in different areas of speciality. We check your knowledge before you progress onto helping real businesses by getting you to complete an online assessment in each area of speciality. You also have access to the GEM Academy support team who are available 9am-5pm weekdays via live chat to help.

What equipment do I need?

You will need a modern computer, either a desktop or a laptop, with a reliable internet connection. A second screen helps make the work easier and more efficient.

Do I need any prior digital knowledge to join the internship?

You need to be reasonably proficient with a computer and should know your way round the internet. You should have experience working with common applications such as Facebook and email or similar.

Nothing is free - How is the GEM Academy free?

The exchange is pretty simple. You volunteer your time to help NZ businesses get online and we provide the training and our time to help you develop your digital skills.

What if I dont have much time to spare

You can do as much or as little as you like. Some weeks you might do nothing at all and other weeks you might do a lot. Or you might just want to do a little each week. It is up to you.

Who will I be working with?

You work remotely with the team of GEM Academy interns. The programme is overseen by Zeald and a dedicated team of GEM specialists at Zeald.

What if I want to leave the volunteer role?

You can stop your internship anytime you like.


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